I’m pretty sure I have mentioned it a thousand times before in this blog alone, but I live with 4 guys. 4 men. 4 full grown, bearded, hungry, manly men. I’m not even kidding, the other day our local chippie chef (are they called chefs?) asked us who all the food was for. I was there with my boyfriend and one of the other guys, and this cook-man was seriously wondering who we were all ordering for. This was a big man too. The point of me telling you this is that my men eat a lot.

Luckily I don’t have to cook for them all the time. Dear, I would have to declare myself bankrupt before the week was over. But every now and again, on paydays, 1st of the month, special occasions, I cook them up something special. It’s my plan to write some posts on these ‘little cooked up things’  with how to make them, what I thought of them, where I found them, etc. The point of this Page therefore is to summarize and link to those posts, so you can find them all in a couple of clicks, rather than having to tire your fingers by scrolling many many miles.

Oh the irony of 1st world complaints.

The point of me writing these down is because I’m a poor student so I don’t have fancy mixers and baking trays and all that jazz. I have a spoon and a bowl and with those I am unstoppable. So, even though I’m using recipes that are probably easier to make with electric equipment, I will be telling you how they succeed receiving nothing but very primitive treatments.

Any noodle, I was thinking I’d start with the recipe of the apple pie I made for my mums birthday? Do you remember? So i’ll just add the links to the recipes just below. Once they get plentyfold, you can easily find a certain recipe by pressing ctrl+f and type in what you’re looking for.







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