Birthday Bazoonga part II

So, I have reached the end of the birthday bazoonga that has been keeping me buzy for the last couple of days. I must admit I was stressing quite a lot, which is usually not what I do. In the end, I think it was definitely worth it.

As I wrote in Birthday Bazoonga part I, my fathers plans for my mothers birthday were somewhat elaborate, especially if you’d consider my mothers preference for quiet get-togethers.

the apple pie

I think I’ll start around mid-day of my mothers birthday. I had made an apple-pie which is about the only pie I remember the recipe of by heart. My father arrived about 15 minutes after it came out of the oven, smelling all delicious and apple-pie-y. He ‘stealthily’ had exchanged his normal 3 door Renault Lagoona for a 7 seater Espace with the excuse that it was ‘more comfortable’. He got away with it partially because he brought a bouquet of 50 roses but also partially because my mother is quite a naive woman (in the best possible way).

Around 7 o’clock, we left for the centre of Paris, around the Bastille area to have dinner in a tiny Napolitan Restaurant. When he first told us about this restaurant,

Us at the Restaurant

he said that there are only 8 tables, the meals have to be ordered 1 for 2 because the kitchen is too small to be able to cook individual meals for every guest and the  entrance is guarded by an ever immobile dog.

My mother is claustrophobic.

Nevertheless, as we arrived we immediately realized the choice of restaurant was a fabulous one. Not only was the food great, the waitress was very friendly and personal which could only compliment the cosy atmosphere in the establishment.  Besides, she never criticized my fathers attempts at Italian, which was very elegant of her 🙂

With (literally) stuffed bellies we found our way back to the car and made our way home. I like the look of Paris at night. The lights make it somehow even more magical than it already is.

Any old how, at our return my mother didn’t feel too well. In fact, it distracted her so much, she didn’t even notice the unknown car in the driveway, nor the candles lit in and outside our house. By the time she realized something was going on, 4 strong, familiar voices were already singing her the Dutch version of Happy Birthday in our doorway.

The surprise

After a lot of kissing, surprised looks and some more kissing, they all sat down and had a lotof champagne. It would be indecent of me to tell you about the entire conversation, but as the bottles emptied conversations became less and less lady-like. I always assumed middle-aged women were pretty aware of what is going on in the world.

Apparently I was wrong

Around 23h they were on the topic of Facebook and YouTube, how they work and what their uses (and above all dangers) are. Around 2h in the morning, they asked me for the exact use of a cock-ring (you can read about those on this blog :)) and were discussing who ever owned dildo’s and blowup dolls and that sort of thing. It was around then I decided it was bed-time for me.

The next morning

my father took them all out for breakfast while me and my sister stayed behind in order to prepare high tea which was planned for their return. After breakfast I think they went to some antique markets, museums, lunch which I would love to give you more details about, but shamefully my absence prevents me.

High Tea

I do know that when they came back , they could still eat the majority of the cupcakes, scones and cucumber sandwiches I prepared and wash it away with the multiple types of tea. I know it wasn’t much but I’m a student and any successful cooking job is a precious moment on its own. 

One day, I will create this and it will be a GLORIOUS day!

After that, most of the excitement had passed. We started preparing dinner, there was a coincidental but appropriate firework in Marly-le-Roi which was visible from our garden and I started preparing for my return home tomorrow.

With my return will probably come a silent phase for this blog, possibly followed by an enormous boom. Explanation: where I live in Edinburgh at the moment does not have internet access (yes, really) and then I’ll be travelling around Scotland with the motorcycle for a week. I will be taking lots and lots of photos, and hopefully will have lots to write about when I return.

By the way, I apologize for the quality of the pictures, but these were made with my fathers ancient broken camera, by my father. The result is what you see.

But that’s it for me for now, I hope you enjoyed it, as much as I did (in the end). You probably won’t really, considering that you’re only reading, whereas I got to be there and did lots of work. Jealous? I wouldn’t be 😛

As always Lots of Love and hopefully until soon!

Eva D.

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3 thoughts on “Birthday Bazoonga part II

  1. Woah, I can say I’m very impressed! It looks great! (and randomly I made an apple pie yesterday too, but mine looks worse :p) Also, loved the humor in your article 😀 Made me giggle all the way through! Can’t wait for your motorcycle adventures 🙂

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