First of all I want to apologize for the cheesy title of this post. I’m practicing word play. Keyword= practicing.

However, I just wanted to share this thingy I found with you. For feature writing class, we were told to write a travel feature on a place, person or event with the target publication being BMI magazine (an in-flight magazine). I once upon a time, in the long-long ago read about some tomato festival somewhere in Spain and figured it would make a pretty darn perfect story if I could ever find what exactly it was. Thankfully, that didn’t prove too hard.  So without further ado, I added a version of the article I will submit. In case my lecturer checks for plagiorism: Hi Claire, it’s me, Eva.

Do you remember the way you used to look up to grown-ups as a child? They could do anything, didn’t have to follow anybody’s rules; they are their own bosses. And now that you are grown up, do you not sometimes really want to be a child again to get away with anything, to run around and play in the mud? Well, a small town near Valencia in Spain, called Buñol has since 1944 or 1945 found a fantastic cure for this global feeling of nostalgia. Continue reading