Update: Lomography

Hey there guys, a couple months ago i blogged about buying my lomography camera. I’ve had a couple rolls of film developed since, and I thought I should upload some of the photo’s I took on this blog.

In total I have many many more photos, including 4 rolls that I still have to get developed (but am too lazy to actually go to the store for) so, until the time you will see any of those (probably 2012 somewhere) you can have a look at some of these photos.

I also included some instants from my recent trip to Paris with Dan.

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The (long) route to Lomography

So apparently my brain thought “Hey, Eva doesn’t have any money or income yet…why not go spend the last of what she has on something completely unnecessary but expensive?”

I will explain

Yesterday, as most other days, I didn’t really want to get up. So after rolling around for a while, watching a couple episodes of House and general ‘waking-Dan-up-gently-but-annoyingly’ behaviour I decided it was actually getting annoying and that I should get up. Also because he has to study for his exam, but I am selfish so that is of no importance. 😛

Anyway, I thought that I might aswell make my promises come true, so I tidied up my face, grabbed a couple old CV’s, changed the contact number to Dan’s one (by pen, ueberprofessionally of course) and headed into town. It was a beautiful day, and I was confident something good was going to come my way. You should know what a sunny Edinburgh can do to your mood! Continue reading

World War 2 Photography

Hey everyone,

I decided to focus a little bit on photography because, well, because I love it! I haven’t been very active recently due to a lack of camera and transport. However, I am very happy to show you some of my previous captions. If you like what you see here, there’s lots more on my deviantart account so have a look around there too!

Today, I will show you the first pictures I took after buying my Canon 1000D.

These were taken on liberation day in Maastricht, the Netherlands about 2 years ago. I was really eager to start off with proper photography, hence the over-photoshop-business.

UPDATE: The landscape photos have been cut off due to layout of the blog. However, if you go to the album (link below) you can see the full sized pictures 🙂

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Baby Steps

It’s the first day of my blogs life, and I have the uncontrollable desire to write. I want to grace this still empty website with well chosen words and interesting lines, some nice pictures or exciting videos. I want to dive into the depths of my imagination and write about the first thing that comes to mind, no matter what it is. Well, some boundaries should be built.

I could write about what I see, or what I would like to see. I could create my own world, in which the blog is the narrator and I myself am a visitor.  I would love to visit my own fantasies, see them, enhance them, and then replace them for better ones. I would like my blog to feel like it achieves something, for other readers and for me. But I don’t feel this is the place for me to write stories.

I could write about my interests. About reading, and playing the piano, photography and traveling. There are so many blogs out there, I could make my blog blend in with the cookery blogs, knitting, music and art blogs. It would seem at home, but maybe a bit grey and unoriginal. I wouldn’t wan’t my blog to feel that way.

I could keep this as a diary, but I don’t trust the internet that much.

So, what I’m left to do, is just write; write what comes to my mind. It’s the advice many writers all over the internet have given me in case of writers block. Maybe I will develop a trend, a routine. At least I hope I will and that this can turn into a grown, colourful, happy blog.

But this is only the first day of my blogs life. I hope there’s more to come!

Lots of Love.
Eva D.