Cheryl Cole vs Berlusconi

Hasn’t this world developed a funny sense of priority? There are all sorts of things happening around us; the question of whether Palestine will be allowed to join the UN, the stories on how the scandalous Berlusconi might finally be giving up his position of power and the continued rise of violence in good old Britain itself. But it is getting surprisingly hard to find all these things in the new ‘layout’ of today’s newspapers.

Since page 3 girls have long lost their factor of scandal, a new factor has completely overthrown the media: the X factor. But it isn’t just that show alone that particularly makes me want to throw yoghurt on anyone who is in control of how much ‘talent show contestants’ cover the pages. They seem to multiply, like cockroaches. And like any pest, no matter how hard you try to kill one down, another 3 will pop up from out of no-where. Continue reading