Recipes #5 Simple Sponge Cake & Icing

It’s almost Halloween and even though  I’m not too big a trick or treater, I quite like to take the occasion to make another cake. I quite enjoy the good old sponge cake because you can do almost anything with it. It tastes good on it’s own but anything added will no doubt make it even better.
With Halloween in mind, and having watched a couple Halloween-themed-cake tutorials, I decided I was going to add lots of food colouring and icing. I’d never made butter icing before, so I had no idea on quantities which ended up with my cake-icing ratio being about 40-60 . The sugar rush was incredible, and it tasted very nice, but it didn’t quite end up as I originally planned. Here’s a couple links to what I thought I would be making.

Bright Rainbow Cake 
Halloween Rainbow Cake 

Although it would have been easier and more obvious, I decided not to use a cake mix. Because I’m always on a tight budget I figured making the cake mix from scratch would be cheaper (flour, eggs and sugar aren’t expensive…) and more fun to do. I even went out to buy a proper cake mold, a rubber spatula and one of those whisk things. I love over preparing for anything that isn’t really that important 😛 Continue reading