Things my girlfriend and I have argued about.

Now, before you think I’ve made some life-changing decisions, hear me out. Have you heard of Mil Millington? I hadn’t until I stumbled upon it. That was 3 years ago I think and every now and again I go back and have a read through his website, which is HILARIOUS. No matter whether you’re single or living with someone, there’s always something you can relate to. So without further ado, please click this link and enjoy the random ravings of Mil Millington and Margret.

Here’s some examples:

I came home from work on Friday and, as I wearily opened the door into the house, Second Born,Ā Peter, heard me entering and poked his head out of the living room.
‘Hello, Papa – I’ve missed you,’ he shouts. From within the living room Margret’s voice calls out to him ‘No you haven’t, Peter.’

Whether her cutting our son’s hair comes under ‘money-saving skill’ or ‘therapy in the making’. Continue reading