Update: Lomography

Hey there guys, a couple months ago i blogged about buying my lomography camera. I’ve had a couple rolls of film developed since, and I thought I should upload some of the photo’s I took on this blog.

In total I have many many more photos, including 4 rolls that I still have to get developed (but am too lazy to actually go to the store for) so, until the time you will see any of those (probably 2012 somewhere) you can have a look at some of these photos.

I also included some instants from my recent trip to Paris with Dan.

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The (long) route to Lomography

So apparently my brain thought “Hey, Eva doesn’t have any money or income yet…why not go spend the last of what she has on something completely unnecessary but expensive?”

I will explain

Yesterday, as most other days, I didn’t really want to get up. So after rolling around for a while, watching a couple episodes of House and general ‘waking-Dan-up-gently-but-annoyingly’ behaviour I decided it was actually getting annoying and that I should get up. Also because he has to study for his exam, but I am selfish so that is of no importance. 😛

Anyway, I thought that I might aswell make my promises come true, so I tidied up my face, grabbed a couple old CV’s, changed the contact number to Dan’s one (by pen, ueberprofessionally of course) and headed into town. It was a beautiful day, and I was confident something good was going to come my way. You should know what a sunny Edinburgh can do to your mood! Continue reading