Lauren Goodger weight problems- podcast

As you may well know I am not the person to ask about the latest showbiz news. However, for Radio we were asked to discuss something showbizzy, and we stumbled upon Lauren Goodger’s weight issues. And voila: le wild podcast.



First person talking is Kirsty Bruce, Second is Graeme Aitken and lastly is me.

How do you feel about the media’s permanent weight issues? Let me know!


J’adore / J’accuse

I never knew food could divide people the way it can.

INTRO: I feel slightly bad for publishing this now because events have been cleared up. However, my amazing female intuition tells me that even though current conflicts have been resolved, they will return and they will harass us (and by us I mean me) just as bad. So I’m publishing.

I didn’t want to come clean about my feelings bang on the face of the internet so I hid it in one of its many chin folds (in my head the internet is a fat black lady). I have also taken into consideration the mood you might find yourself in. This means that if you feel like reading a heavily sarcastic yet superbly optimistic story, you would choose to click J’adore and if you feel like an accusing, yet no less an accurate summary of factual events, you click J’accuse. They will guide you to some PDF files containing the story of your chosing.

Finally: If any of my flatmates end up here and read these, my excuse is: none. I’m a journalist, it’s what I do. But it is exagerrated…

Here’s something to listen to while you read.


First of all I want to apologize for the cheesy title of this post. I’m practicing word play. Keyword= practicing.

However, I just wanted to share this thingy I found with you. For feature writing class, we were told to write a travel feature on a place, person or event with the target publication being BMI magazine (an in-flight magazine). I once upon a time, in the long-long ago read about some tomato festival somewhere in Spain and figured it would make a pretty darn perfect story if I could ever find what exactly it was. Thankfully, that didn’t prove too hard.  So without further ado, I added a version of the article I will submit. In case my lecturer checks for plagiorism: Hi Claire, it’s me, Eva.

Do you remember the way you used to look up to grown-ups as a child? They could do anything, didn’t have to follow anybody’s rules; they are their own bosses. And now that you are grown up, do you not sometimes really want to be a child again to get away with anything, to run around and play in the mud? Well, a small town near Valencia in Spain, called Buñol has since 1944 or 1945 found a fantastic cure for this global feeling of nostalgia. Continue reading

Recipes #1 Divine Apple Pie

So yes, this is my first attempt to help you guys colour in your diet in an unhealthy, easy and sinfully satisfying way. The recipe I’m using for this is the simpelest thing ever. And I actually mean it. I know that a lot of food blogs out there always claim for things to be ‘the easiest thing ever‘ but then they go on about how you should fold in your rainbow dust with the super expensive dough mixture in a perfect figure 8 motion because you do not want to beat out any life or something. I mean, sure they’re probably right, and much better at making nice things than me but reading those things stresses me out. So none of that, alright? You’re going to ‘throw things in’, ‘mix it up good’ and most of all ‘taste’ your food (especially with cakes and stuff).

It’s going to be good.

Enough of me, more apple pie talk. Continue reading

People Studies

The last 2 weeks have been a little hectic, as I’m sure I mentioned in the other posts. With moving, starting to work full-time while also receiving a lot of guests including my best friend and her boyfriend for a week, I’m enjoying my first day off today. Well, not really because around noon, some of my other future flatmates are moving in as well which means a lot of cleaning and tidying up to do before they arrive. I dreamt I had 2 cats who did all the cleaning… I wish it were true.

Anyway, rather than just keeping up the diary of a young housewife, I thought I’d tell you a little about my job, and how it’s all going! I’ve met some colourful characters, I’ve met some very VERY rude people, but I’ll tell you all in good time. Continue reading

Does it Hurt?

So, I’m all settled in my new flat, we have internet (thank god) and I’m alone. Dan’s just left for work. What to do?

I had a look around the living room and saw in the far corner my guitar, all alone, unplayed for many a day.  I’m not the best player I know, not in the nearest! I can play a few chords, a few songs, got a good memory, that’s all. Dan has been telling me to write my own songs. I think if it were that easy, anybody would have “best of” albums but they don’t… I’ve written a song before. Well, I assembled the chords while Jamie, one of my future flatmates, plagiarized some words that rhymed and put them into order. The end result was decent I believe. Who knows, maybe I’ll add a little sound-clip to this blog (if my laptop can handle it?)

In Bed, In Dressing Gown, Playing Guitar

Anyway, so Dan was telling me to come up with my own songs rather than repeating the work of others, and so I tried. I came up with a chord progression and a melody to sing. I am not a poet, I cannot think of lyrics. All I can do is occasionally, while humming the melody, throw in a random word which sounds right but makes no sense in context with any other word tossed around.

So the chords I have for the chorus is C#m7, B, A (B and A up on the 7th and 5th fret) and the verses I think will be variations on E so E, E6sus2sus4, EM7, E6sus2sus4, E .

Now, that may not mean much to you, reading it like that but there’s lots of sites to look them up with. I’m sure I had a player once, but I can’t seem to save and share chord sequences from it. However, if you’re interested in finding out what it sounds like, have a look at these two sites: Chordbook and Guitar Habits

Continue reading

The Lost Bag of Crisps

I’m going to move house on the 9th of August, and it has caused me to ponder over the last couple months a bit. I’ve moved house before, quite a lot actually, but this time it’s on my own and it’s for the next year. I’ll be living with 4 boys, each of which have their own qualities and virtues, and I’m genuinly excitied about how it’s all going to go. I’m a little bit scared too; scared they’ll name me lady of the house and let me do all the house work (no way- I’m quite shit at that) or that, because I’m the only girl there AND I got together with one of them ( ie Dan) they’ll see me as less of an occupant and more of an accesoire. But those are bad case scenarios.

But as I said, it has caused me to reflect upon the last 2 months I’ve been living with Dan in his aunts/dads/whatever house. Continue reading

The (long) route to Lomography

So apparently my brain thought “Hey, Eva doesn’t have any money or income yet…why not go spend the last of what she has on something completely unnecessary but expensive?”

I will explain

Yesterday, as most other days, I didn’t really want to get up. So after rolling around for a while, watching a couple episodes of House and general ‘waking-Dan-up-gently-but-annoyingly’ behaviour I decided it was actually getting annoying and that I should get up. Also because he has to study for his exam, but I am selfish so that is of no importance. 😛

Anyway, I thought that I might aswell make my promises come true, so I tidied up my face, grabbed a couple old CV’s, changed the contact number to Dan’s one (by pen, ueberprofessionally of course) and headed into town. It was a beautiful day, and I was confident something good was going to come my way. You should know what a sunny Edinburgh can do to your mood! Continue reading

Birthday Bazoonga part II

So, I have reached the end of the birthday bazoonga that has been keeping me buzy for the last couple of days. I must admit I was stressing quite a lot, which is usually not what I do. In the end, I think it was definitely worth it.

As I wrote in Birthday Bazoonga part I, my fathers plans for my mothers birthday were somewhat elaborate, especially if you’d consider my mothers preference for quiet get-togethers.

the apple pie

I think I’ll start around mid-day of my mothers birthday. I had made an apple-pie which is about the only pie I remember the recipe of by heart. My father arrived about 15 minutes after it came out of the oven, smelling all delicious and apple-pie-y. He ‘stealthily’ had exchanged his normal 3 door Renault Lagoona for a 7 seater Espace with the excuse that it was ‘more comfortable’. He got away with it partially because he brought a bouquet of 50 roses but also partially because my mother is quite a naive woman (in the best possible way).

Around 7 o’clock, we left for the centre of Paris, around the Bastille area to have dinner in a tiny Napolitan Restaurant. Continue reading



It is my mothers birthday tomorrow. That is a vital fact for this post. It is my mothers 50th birthday and my father would do anythingto make her happy. He is possibly the sweetest, yet least predicitive and well organized man, I have ever known, but my mother deserves every bit of his loving attention. Therefore, I would like to keep them both happy.

My Father

Now, since I have moved out of this household, some things have changed, for me that is. No matter how much I love and appreciate them, I can never spend too much time in this house.  I am no longer used to having someone telling me what and what not to do. I am not familiar with having ‘relatives’ around me at all times who can say whatever they feel like, without any real consequences. If I want to lay in bed until 14h in Edinburgh on a day I have nothing to do, it is not only accepted, it is encouraged. If i want to scratch a rash on my arm, I can do it without anyone telling me to go to the doctors. (From all the visits he’s sent me on I could supply a hospital with Cortisone)

But it is not like I’m not used to any responsibilities.

God no, I live with 4 boys!

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