Recipes #5 Simple Sponge Cake & Icing

It’s almost Halloween and even though  I’m not too big a trick or treater, I quite like to take the occasion to make another cake. I quite enjoy the good old sponge cake because you can do almost anything with it. It tastes good on it’s own but anything added will no doubt make it even better.
With Halloween in mind, and having watched a couple Halloween-themed-cake tutorials, I decided I was going to add lots of food colouring and icing. I’d never made butter icing before, so I had no idea on quantities which ended up with my cake-icing ratio being about 40-60 . The sugar rush was incredible, and it tasted very nice, but it didn’t quite end up as I originally planned. Here’s a couple links to what I thought I would be making.

Bright Rainbow Cake 
Halloween Rainbow Cake 

Although it would have been easier and more obvious, I decided not to use a cake mix. Because I’m always on a tight budget I figured making the cake mix from scratch would be cheaper (flour, eggs and sugar aren’t expensive…) and more fun to do. I even went out to buy a proper cake mold, a rubber spatula and one of those whisk things. I love over preparing for anything that isn’t really that important 😛 Continue reading


Recipes #4 Foodgwaker

Some people are just naturally gifted. Some in music, some in maths, some in painting and so on and so forth. I think one of the most astonishing talents is to be able to combine flavors, imagine them in your head and seeing if they will work or not. A bit like the Rat in Ratatouille.

I mean, I can taste food and like it, in fact I get my occasional food-gasms from foods in restaurants or even what my father makes sometimes (sometimes). But as far as I know I cannot (or will not) randomly throw together ingredients, knowing it will taste good.  I follow recipes to the last dot, and if I don’t I feel secretly guilty.

What I can do, however, is see food (even if it is only a photo) and instantly get water in my mouth. I can see a photo and imagine eating it.

I’m not obsessed.

Well, I once stumbled upon a website that made my heart stop. It showed page after page after page of original, well photographed, well written recipes. Some were easy, some weren’t, some sounded amazing, some sounded as if they were bought from a quack doctor down the street. But they were plentiful and offered hours of mindless amazed staring.
Now, you may have come across the site before, but if you haven’t you should TOTALLY go have a look. I guarantee there will be something there for you. Whether it is home made mozzarella sticks, easy delicious peanut butter chocolate drops or crazy party jello shots. Take a minute and you will spend an hour because damn, it just all looks so good!

THIS is the link to the website and bookmark it, because even if you won’t make any of it just now, you will want to get back to it someday and it will be there for you, waiting, like a warm bed, ready to supply you with thousands of mouthwatering photo’s of food.

Happy surfing!

Lots of love

Eva D

Recipes #2 The most chocolaty Brownies you will ever make!

Best-ever brownies

This recipe is ‘officially’ from the BBC Good Food website but I decided to transcribe it for you so that you too can make it. Here’s the link to the original recipe.

So, I made these Brownies first after I already spent 5 hours in the kitchen to make a chicken pie I will surely include in this blog! I shouldn’t have taken 5 hours but I enjoy spending a long time on food so I just stretched the time I could be in there as much as I could without the men complaining about their hunger and such.

But, in all seriousness, these brownies are amazing. Mine turned out very very gooey, like chocolate fudge cake, but gooeyer. I can’t even explain how chocolaty it is. Pour some cream over it, add some fresh fruit and I’m pretty sure that if you’d present it to that guy who decides who goes in to heaven and who doesn’t, he’d let you in, no matter how big a sinner you are!

These brownies aren’t food, they are an experience, something you will appreciate, something you will tell your grandchildren about. But they won’t believe you, so just refer them to here and I’ll tell them what to do, just like I will tell you!

Continue reading

Recipes #1 Divine Apple Pie

So yes, this is my first attempt to help you guys colour in your diet in an unhealthy, easy and sinfully satisfying way. The recipe I’m using for this is the simpelest thing ever. And I actually mean it. I know that a lot of food blogs out there always claim for things to be ‘the easiest thing ever‘ but then they go on about how you should fold in your rainbow dust with the super expensive dough mixture in a perfect figure 8 motion because you do not want to beat out any life or something. I mean, sure they’re probably right, and much better at making nice things than me but reading those things stresses me out. So none of that, alright? You’re going to ‘throw things in’, ‘mix it up good’ and most of all ‘taste’ your food (especially with cakes and stuff).

It’s going to be good.

Enough of me, more apple pie talk. Continue reading