J’adore / J’accuse

I never knew food could divide people the way it can.

INTRO: I feel slightly bad for publishing this now because events have been cleared up. However, my amazing female intuition tells me that even though current conflicts have been resolved, they will return and they will harass us (and by us I mean me) just as bad. So I’m publishing.

I didn’t want to come clean about my feelings bang on the face of the internet so I hid it in one of its many chin folds (in my head the internet is a fat black lady). I have also taken into consideration the mood you might find yourself in. This means that if you feel like reading a heavily sarcastic yet superbly optimistic story, you would choose to click J’adore and if you feel like an accusing, yet no less an accurate summary of factual events, you click J’accuse. They will guide you to some PDF files containing the story of your chosing.

Finally: If any of my flatmates end up here and read these, my excuse is: none. I’m a journalist, it’s what I do. But it is exagerrated…

Here’s something to listen to while you read.


2 thoughts on “J’adore / J’accuse

  1. Woah, I liked how you integrated the PDF files in this article! Very creative 🙂
    I read both of them, obviously, because I love your writting!
    Aww….Men…definitely not the easiest creatures to live with!!! I feel your pain 😦
    Thank god Dan is around! And I hope things might get better eventually!
    Hahahaha, you thought you saw an UFO? That’s awesome 😀

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