Does it Hurt?

So, I’m all settled in my new flat, we have internet (thank god) and I’m alone. Dan’s just left for work. What to do?

I had a look around the living room and saw in the far corner my guitar, all alone, unplayed for many a day.  I’m not the best player I know, not in the nearest! I can play a few chords, a few songs, got a good memory, that’s all. Dan has been telling me to write my own songs. I think if it were that easy, anybody would have “best of” albums but they don’t… I’ve written a song before. Well, I assembled the chords while Jamie, one of my future flatmates, plagiarized some words that rhymed and put them into order. The end result was decent I believe. Who knows, maybe I’ll add a little sound-clip to this blog (if my laptop can handle it?)

In Bed, In Dressing Gown, Playing Guitar

Anyway, so Dan was telling me to come up with my own songs rather than repeating the work of others, and so I tried. I came up with a chord progression and a melody to sing. I am not a poet, I cannot think of lyrics. All I can do is occasionally, while humming the melody, throw in a random word which sounds right but makes no sense in context with any other word tossed around.

So the chords I have for the chorus is C#m7, B, A (B and A up on the 7th and 5th fret) and the verses I think will be variations on E so E, E6sus2sus4, EM7, E6sus2sus4, E .

Now, that may not mean much to you, reading it like that but there’s lots of sites to look them up with. I’m sure I had a player once, but I can’t seem to save and share chord sequences from it. However, if you’re interested in finding out what it sounds like, have a look at these two sites: Chordbook and Guitar Habits

So, as I said, I was humming along, trying to find some lyrics that didn’t sound extremely cheesy and cliche, but all I could come up with was:

” Does it hurt to run away
Cause I am the dancer to a tragic ballet
And only you can make me move, you can tell me what to do
You’ll make me run away with you
so tell me; does it hurt.”

That’s the chorus. I don’t know what it’s about: it’s a little too depressing to be about me at the moment. So, yeah, I suppose what I wanted to say is that: if you happen to be great at writing lyrics and you want to help me out a little, or just interested in what it actually sounds like at the moment: comment 🙂

That literally is everything I have to say for now!

Lots of Love,

Eva D.


2 thoughts on “Does it Hurt?

  1. It’s great that you’re beginning to write your own songs, both the melody and lyrics. It’s a huge step from playing other people’s work.

    I’ve worked as a lyricist and I would suggest editing the lyrics slightly like this:

    ”Does it hurt to run away?
    I am the dancer to a tragic ballet
    And only you can make me move, you can tell me what to do,
    Only you can make me run away with you.
    So tell me – does it hurt?”

    If you didn’t have a preconceived idea of the story behind the lyrics, these slight changes would make the song a bit more emotional, with a clear dependency/love link between the two characters.

    But as always, that’s only my opinion; it’s up to you to make the changes you think fit best to your song.

    Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for your advice! I will see if I can make it work with the chords I had in mind so far but your advice is definitely appreciated a lot!

      As I’m sure I mentioned in the article, I didn’t have a preconceived idea about the story, so I guess a love themed song is always the safest and easiest thing to go for I guess 🙂

      Since I started writing that I’ve been too busy to actually continue but I’m sure I’ll have a sit down sometime soon to finish or at least continue from where I left off.

      Thanks again for stepping by. Hope to see you again here soon!


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