The Lost Bag of Crisps

I’m going to move house on the 9th of August, and it has caused me to ponder over the last couple months a bit. I’ve moved house before, quite a lot actually, but this time it’s on my own and it’s for the next year. I’ll be living with 4 boys, each of which have their own qualities and virtues, and I’m genuinly excitied about how it’s all going to go. I’m a little bit scared too; scared they’ll name me lady of the house and let me do all the house work (no way- I’m quite shit at that) or that, because I’m the only girl there AND I got together with one of them ( ie Dan) they’ll see me as less of an occupant and more of an accesoire. But those are bad case scenarios.

But as I said, it has caused me to reflect upon the last 2 months I’ve been living with Dan in his aunts/dads/whatever house. My first promise to myself was that I’d keep the house a little clean or at least tidy. I broke that promise probably as soon as we moved in with all our stuff and said we’d “arrange it all later” . I said that I’d eat more healthily, more regularly and spend more time cooking in general (I love cooking). However, I found that most of the time, because of a lack of jobs, we wouldn’t get out of our bed until at least 3 pm and only went to ASDA (24h) around 11 pm or later, resulting in the purchase of A LOT of chocolate, crisps, cookies, fizzy drinks, and a lot lot of apples (I also love apples. Combined: When I bake an applepie I go mental).

Dan’s second-cousins came by a lot, because they like to visit their grandmother and do things and such. So, when we just moved in and Dan had his 24/7 crazy job, I spent a lot of time with those little ones. I never really wanted children. I thought they were loud, expensive and time-consuming. But because of a couple of experiences I had I’m no longer scared of the idea that maybe one day I may reproduce. These are nice kids , but they did prove my point: they are loud, expensive and very very demanding. Then again, it was nice because I had no actual responsability toward these kids so as long as their parents kept buying them their candy and blackberry or whatever they want, I’ll just be their cousins cool-new-girlfriend. I love playing roles like those.

After a period of sleeping, eating, throwing things on the floor and refusing to pick them up until absolutely necessary, I went a little mad. One day I got up around 9 am and -to Dan’s astonishment- started cleaning and tidying and rearranging, and washing etc. I didn’t stop until everything looked nice and I could walk without having to avoid items of clothing or food. After a final hoovering session and Dan’s obsessive picture rearranging, we fell on the bed and slept peacefully for the first time, knowing there was nothing left for us to do. Of course, the state of perfection only lasted for a few days, after which the ‘accidentally dropped’ crisp bag turned into the ‘forgotten’ crisp bag because of all the other stuff covering it.

But apart from household problems, I think this has been a pretty cool experience. It’s a house of first times: first time I live with my boyfriend, first time I told him I love him and the first time he said the same to me. We’ve come to know eachothers flaws and imperfections and know that time away from eachother isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I still always look forward to coming home to him though. It was a good practice round for the year(s) to come 🙂

Anyway, that’s all from me.

Lots of Love
Eva D.


6 thoughts on “The Lost Bag of Crisps

  1. Great post! It’s exciting to begin new adventures, especially when you are with someone you love. Now make sure you stomp your foot down when/if all those guys suggest you do the housework, cooking and cleaning up.
    Enjoy your new move and keep us up to date on what is happening in your life. Love to read about it!
    PS–I hope that last picture isn’t of the place you’re moving into!

    • I’ll put my foot down, no worries! and if that doesn’t work I heard that boys really cannot handle crying girls, so I may give that a shot 😉
      It’s wonderful to see you visit my site, Sylvia! Familiar faces are the best!


  2. Hahahaha, i’m really proud of you and JE HAD NIKS GEZEGT OVER HET “IK HOU VAN JE” stuk tegen mij!! I wish you all the best in your new house, and I hope that you’ll have lots and looots of fun! ❤

  3. Eva,

    What a wonderful time to be embarking on new stuff. I wish you well. I’m pretty rubbish at passing on advice, but if I was to share stuff I would say – what ever space and le-way you give to others, make sure you allocate the same to yourself. Don’t shortchange yourself – you’re entitled to your space and your boundaries. As for housework – nobody interesting ever lived in an ordered house. Enjoy your new experience.


    • And you dare say you don’t give good advice? I’m pretty excited at the moment as the moving happens tomorrow, but I’m sure all will be well. Besides, I will soon be joined by some of my best friends who are coming to visit for a week, so they can help me settle in 🙂

      Thank you for reading! Makes me feel a little special inside 😛


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