The (long) route to Lomography

So apparently my brain thought “Hey, Eva doesn’t have any money or income yet…why not go spend the last of what she has on something completely unnecessary but expensive?”

I will explain

Yesterday, as most other days, I didn’t really want to get up. So after rolling around for a while, watching a couple episodes of House and general ‘waking-Dan-up-gently-but-annoyingly’ behaviour I decided it was actually getting annoying and that I should get up. Also because he has to study for his exam, but I am selfish so that is of no importance. 😛

Anyway, I thought that I might aswell make my promises come true, so I tidied up my face, grabbed a couple old CV’s, changed the contact number to Dan’s one (by pen, ueberprofessionally of course) and headed into town. It was a beautiful day, and I was confident something good was going to come my way. You should know what a sunny Edinburgh can do to your mood!

I got off on Chamber’s Street, across the Jazz Bar (which is a fabulous place for a cosy night out by the way) and walked towards George IV street. When I saw Frankenstein’s Bar, I remembered that on the numerous occasions I had come to have a free meal, they were always in need of more bar staff. So, I walked in, head high, bosom straight, CV in ‘hand-out’ mode.

“Hi, I was just wondering if you are still hiring staff?”
“Yes, infact we are! Do you have any experience?”

I always find that a little dubious a question but I know what she means…

“Yes, I worked behind a bar and  I served food and drinks as a waitress too.”
“Great! Are you available for the Fringe?”
“Yes I am!”
“Good, we’ll call you!”

And that’s that. Caching, one CV down; 1,2,3,4……11 to go! No, too warm for that, I’ll just see where my legs take me.

My route through Edinburgh, starting at A

And so I did. I popped in to another couple restaurants and bars, dropped off some CV’s , sometimes nothing of course, slowly making my way to the castle, because that my friends is where my adventure was eventually going to strand me. That looming, medieval block of defensive architecture where I had an interview a couple months ago, but with no result. As I said, the weather does strange things to me, so with my pocket full of confidence and CV’s, I climbed the hill.

Hills really get to me. I don’t think I’m incredibly unfit and I recently quit smoking, but hills really leave me frantically searching for that bit of cold air somewhere, while I wipe my beautifully sparkly brow… But I’m willing to sacrifice my bit of self-esteem and risk having to climb the hill everyday because that job there on the top of the hill revolves around PHOTOGRAPHY.

SO, any old how, I climb, I search and find a member of staff. I explain that I had an interview a while ago and that I would like to see if there were still any jobs available. And yes, they are currently hiring, and yes, the manager remembered me (and the fact that my hair used to be longer which is a bit…strange…) and yes he will e-mail me tonight, he promises.

I felt accomplished and proud. Was I wrong to? As I walked back down the hill, (ice cream in one hand as a treat for doing so well) I thought about all the money I was going to make. I imagined all the things I could buy myself, starting perhaps with an e-piano, maybe some accessoires for my camera and… oh wait… no, first off I need to buy some socks. So off to Prince’s street with me. I knew Urban Outfitters has nice socks and as Dan and I will be sharing, I might aswell buy a 10 pack or so. I should NOT have entered that shop.

The Diana F+ Parisian

Something in my bag beeped while entering, so a friendly member of staff suggested that I empty my bag and look for one of those magnetic stickers. We found one on an old bottle of nailpolish I happened to carry. This tiny little incident, however irrelivant it may seem, led me to spending near £70,- in 15 minutes, something students don’t do for a reason! You see, there where I was left after emptying my bag was in front of the novelty secton of Urban Outfitters. In that section, they have some fabulous, 1960’s Diana Lomography camera’s. I had spotted them before but thought they were too expensive for a poor soul like me to even think about buying them. Them with their Parisian cute, plastic, magical exterior and the power to capture anything quickly in a dreamlike, classic analogue fashion. I was in love. But be honest, wouldn’t you be?

I doubted for a while. “I have the money because I saved up a little. Eating a little less for the rest of the month won’t hurt me. I’ve been thinking about buying it for a while so that must mean I really want it…” And I think it does, because 5 minutes later I’m at the check-out asking the girl about film for the camera.

“Sure, that’s another £18 then.”
“No problem, just throw it in”

I got a little discount, but that still left me with around £70 to pay… a little shocked but incredibly happy I made my way home, only halfway remembering I forgot to buy socks…

So I got home, and excited as I was I started taking pictures. There’s only 12 or 16 pictures on one film so I went through the first one quite quickly. Remembering the price I paid, I decided to stop at the 4th caption into my second roll and wait until a more exciting shot comes up than Dan and me lying in bed doing nothing.
I’ve just returned from the Gyle to get the first film developed. They said it may take a couple weeks… I really can’t wait!

But yes, I always seem to choose the expensive, time-consuming hobbies. Why can’t I just knit or collect stamps? Well, at least I’ll let you know how it goes and I’ll show you some of the results as soon as they come in!

Until then, Lots of Love

Eva D.

If you’re interested to see some Lomography work, check out the following links and you’ll see how enchanting those tiny little captions can be!

Lomography Wiki

But just googling around can bring you so much more information on lomography than I could possibly give you!

Also, if you’re a bit lost and don’t quite understand the beginning of this article, try reading my previous article and maybe things will become more clear 😛


2 thoughts on “The (long) route to Lomography

  1. I had this smile on my face through out reading your whole article! It’s hilarious and 100% you! I hope something positive will come up from your applications, but I bet you’ll have a job in no time! xxx

    • I did, thank god! I’m now (as I’m sure I will have mentioned in one of the other articles by now) a photographer at deep sea world, until I can work at the castle!
      Thanks for your everlasting support dear Maya! Hope you’re having a good time whatever you’re doing!

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