CV’s and Scotland

It’s been a while again since I last wrote here. Infact, one might say it’s been almost a full month. It’s been a full month indeed, what with first the motor travels through Scotland, and then my grandmother’s birthday and going home to do laundry in between. I also forgot my phone at a friend in Inverness, which is very VERY inconvenient.

Have you ever tried applying for jobs without the following

  1. A contact phone number
  2. The Internet
  3. A correct home address
  4. A printed CV
Living the way I have in the last couple weeks has made me realize how vital technology is to us nowadays. My mum used to tell me about the time there were no mobile phones. If she had gone to the store and was a little late to pick me up from school, big deal. I’d wait until she arrived. Now, I think I’d panic if my bus was late and I’d go see a friend without being able to tell them about my delay. It’s pretty pathetic really. As if the entire world wouldn’t know what to do without a note from me every second of every day. 
So I’ve been looking for jobs. Well, I’d already gone to hand out CV’s in May, and pretty successfully I must say. I got an interview at the castle to be one of the photographers who go “Would you like to have your picture taken which you can later purchase at 4 times the normal price but with included information booklet about everything you have just seen?“. It seemed pretty perfect. I like photography, I like people, I like the castle. How much can really go wrong.
So I got the job, at least, in the interview he said “So when can you start?”. 
Immediately really, except… I’m pretty much gone for all of June, and half of July…” 
STRANGELY that seemed a bit of a deal-breaker, so he told me to come back when all my holiday-ing was done. So here I am, full of my mother’s lectures about getting a rythm and making some money of my own and the whole not lying in bed all day anymore. Holiday is over. I could have realized that without my mother’s help. And I really do want to- it’s just that I suffer from chronic laziness. But I promise, I will go back into town soon, and hand out CV’s to anyone who is willing to take one. For one day, I will put my environmental conscience to a lower priority setting and cover the city in 1000 sheets of paper which will read :
Hello Edinburgh, It’s me, EVA. I have come to your rescue! Please give me something to do!
Let’s see how that works out!
Oh, and here are some more pictures I took on my Scotland trip, with some later added details (in some of them). I thought Scotland lacked in monsters and tried to even it out.
I have about 600 more, un-edited, pictures which I’d be happy to put somewhere. Maybe they’ll pop up one by one in my next posts 🙂
But until then,
Lots of Love
Eva D.

3 thoughts on “CV’s and Scotland

  1. Hahaha, evaa!! Ik lag echt dubbel door dit stuk!! Houd me op de hoogte hoe alles gaat! Had je online gemist! Kusxxx

    • Hey! Dank je, voelt vreemd weer te bloggen, maar niet zo vreemd als CV’s te schrijven! Ik haat het hele ‘ik ben zoo geweldig, je WILT dat ik voor je werk’ gedoe!
      Maar goed, het zal moeten gebeuren!

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