How Can This Still Be?

I fully support gay rights. Always have. Always will.
Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and the ‘open mindedness’ is (apparently) in my blood. Maybe it’s because my parents have always made it clear that if I were gay, they would be absolutely open for it. Sometimes my mother even pushed me a little to the bi-line with her continuous “are you sure?” and “I would be so proud!” . But no, I am not gay and I have a boyfriend who I love very much.

Nevertheless, I think the poster on the left describes the problem quite clearly. Apparently, people still seem to have some weird natural disgust against gays, especially when they ‘team up’ so to say… Others, whether they are celebrities or not, seem to have some protection against marital judgement from society.

I got this picture from where it asked to reblog this if you support equal rights. I know I do. Do you?

Lots of Love

Eva D.


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