Baby Steps

It’s the first day of my blogs life, and I have the uncontrollable desire to write. I want to grace this still empty website with well chosen words and interesting lines, some nice pictures or exciting videos. I want to dive into the depths of my imagination and write about the first thing that comes to mind, no matter what it is. Well, some boundaries should be built.

I could write about what I see, or what I would like to see. I could create my own world, in which the blog is the narrator and I myself am a visitor.  I would love to visit my own fantasies, see them, enhance them, and then replace them for better ones. I would like my blog to feel like it achieves something, for other readers and for me. But I don’t feel this is the place for me to write stories.

I could write about my interests. About reading, and playing the piano, photography and traveling. There are so many blogs out there, I could make my blog blend in with the cookery blogs, knitting, music and art blogs. It would seem at home, but maybe a bit grey and unoriginal. I wouldn’t wan’t my blog to feel that way.

I could keep this as a diary, but I don’t trust the internet that much.

So, what I’m left to do, is just write; write what comes to my mind. It’s the advice many writers all over the internet have given me in case of writers block. Maybe I will develop a trend, a routine. At least I hope I will and that this can turn into a grown, colourful, happy blog.

But this is only the first day of my blogs life. I hope there’s more to come!

Lots of Love.
Eva D.


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